Latest Radeon Pro Updates from Supercomputing 16

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This year at SC16, AMD announced it will be delving deeper into the supercomputing world with two major announcements. Beginning in early 2017, Google Cloud Platform will be offering AMD GPU technology to users worldwide. The world’s fastest available single-precision dual GPU compute accelerator – the AMD FirePro™ S9300 x2 – will be the firepower behind machine learning, simulations and video transcoding.

AMD FirePro™ S9300 x2 Server GPUs will become an essential component in solving complex problems and algorithms for industries across the world. Medical and financial simulations, seismic exploration and scientific analysis will be facilitated with the high performance and versatile programmability of Radeon Pro and FirePro technologies.

Backing this advancement in the graphics market, AMD also announced a new version of Radeon Open Compute Platform (ROCm) featuring software to support new Radeon GPU hardware. Providing developers the tools to extract exceptional performance from their hardware leads to new solutions and advancements in computing. This community-based approach is a necessary component for the most versatile open source platform for GPU computing.




Both of these announcements at SC16 are part of AMD’s continuing investments in GPU computing. Those who attended SC16 had the opportunity to see AMD FirePro™ S9300 x2 in action and FirePro™ server GPUs running ROCm. Continue to follow us on Twitter to stay informed as AMD continues to speed development of high-performance, energy-efficient heterogeneous computing systems.


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  1. всегда пользуюсь только видеокартой – Радеон – это эталон надежности и качества опережающий свое время

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