Radeon™ Pro Graphics to Provide OpenCL™ Accelerated NUKE from The Foundry

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For many years, AMD’s professional graphics have been fully optimized and tested for use with MARI, NUKE and MODO from The Foundry to meet the needs of modern visual effects production, enabling artists with the graphics and compute performance and reliability required for day-to-day work on complex assets.

Today, AMD is proud to announce the next step in our collaboration with The Foundry to bring the OpenCL accelerated version of NUKE with mGPU support.

Developed by The Foundry, NUKE is an industry-leading, node-based digital compositing, editorial and finishing application, and a key piece of the production pipeline for high-end film and television content.

Until now, acceleration of NUKE on AMD graphics has been limited to OS X and its lack of acceleration on Windows and Linux systems has been a challenge to the adoption of AMD GPUs among creators in the media and entertainment space. We are confident that our collaboration with The Foundry announced today at Capsaicin SIGGRAPH will fill this gap, leading to higher rates of adoption of the AMD Radeon™ Pro line of graphics cards among creative professionals when the OpenCL accelerated version of NUKE with mGPU support becomes available next year.

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