Personalize Your Radeon™ Pro Duo Graphics Card

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With a whopping 16 TFLOPS of compute on tap, the Radeon™ Pro Duo graphics card remains one of the most powerful consumer graphics cards available for VR, content creation, and gaming.1 Artists and gamers alike have been building some building some truly droolworthy systems with this powerful piece of kit, but we want to help get these rigs to the next level with the power to 3D print a customized faceplate.

As with the Radeon R9 Fury X graphics card, the process for the Pro Duo is pretty straightforward for folks who know their way around a 3D printer:

  1. Grab the Pro Duo faceplate CAD design (.stp file).
  2. Fire up a compatible modeling app and tinker with our base design.
  3. Send to printing when you’re happy. Meanwhile, consider reading about our awesome Vulkan™ performance.
  4. Remove your card from the system and swap out the old faceplate with your new custom design.
  5. Reinstall the graphics card and enjoy!


When swapping the faceplates on the Radeon Pro Duo, please be sure to take all necessary precautions. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Do not remove the front plate while the graphics card is installed inside a system
  • Do not remove the front plate while the graphics card is powered or operational
  • Ensure your workspace is clear of debris and appropriate electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection is taken
  • The front plate can be removed by removing the four hex screws from the front of the graphics card as illustrated below
    • Do not remove any other screws or modify any other components on the graphics card
  • Use a proper hex key or screwdriver to remove the four screws (circled above) from the front plate to avoid damaging the screws
    • When reinstalling the screws do not to overtighten the screws

We know Radeon Pro Duo owners are a proud and exclusive group, so we hope this brings a little extra prestige to your builds. If you take the plunge to make your own faceplate, please be sure to share it with us so we can help you show it off!

IMPORTANT: AMD’s product warranty does not cover damage to your graphics card or system caused in whole or in part by removing, modifying or reinstalling the AMD Radeon Pro Duo faceplate, which activities you agree to carry out at your own risk. AMD will not provide replacement faceplates for any faceplates lost or damaged, nor will AMD be liable for any damages to the graphics card or your system caused during the removal, modification or reinstallation of the faceplate.

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