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This year’s “The Art of VR” ran from June 22 to 23 in Sotheby’s, New York’s famous auction house and art gallery. The event was packed with live, world premiere VR experiences and interactive museum exhibits. AMD was proud to be a sponsor of the event, along with the VR Society and Sotheby’s, to make this inaugural conference happen. Filled with immersive and award-winning content from industry innovators, it was only appropriate the event was located at the world’s leading art authority.

“The Art of VR” festival had fans, artists, directors, and producers enjoying two days of excitement and wonder as they explored the top new VR films, games and experiences.

In addition to sponsoring the event, AMD also powered several VR experiences with the latest from Radeon graphics and AMD Ryzen. Some of the featured content we presented were, “The Lumiere gallery,” “Alien in Utero,” “Lincoln in the Bardo,” and “Rose Colored.”

I was lucky enough to hear AMD’s Visualization Director, James Knight, moderate a panel consisting of some of the biggest leaders of the VR industry.

The panel included:

  • Rich Champagne, Worldwide Media & Entertainment Segment Manager, HP
  • Gary Radburn, Director of Workstation Virtualization & Commerical VR/AR Global, Dell Inc
  • Dan O’Brien, GM, HTC VIVE
  • Yelena Rachitsky, Executive Producer, Oculus
  • Serge Kassardjian, Global Head of Media Apps, Google

I asked James for his insight of the entire event and he responded, “It was amazing to see the excitement around virtual reality and real-time visualization in NYC and also to see so many experienced visual effects professionals come from across America and the world to converge at Sotheby’s for such a fulfilling event.  The Art of VR exceeded my expectations; The AIS is a brilliant partner for AMD.”

James did a phenomenal job engaging panel speakers in conversation about where the VR industry is going, in terms of content in the future, and got them to also share with us exciting new projects their respective companies are working on and releasing in the near future..

As the world of VR continues to develop, follow our social handles for latest in professional and immersive technologies: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. We look forward to participating in future VR events and showcasing Radeon-powered VR experiences.

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