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AMD Capsaicin SIGGRAPH was a packed house on July 30, where we had a full list of exciting products to unveil across the graphics board—not to mention glimpses of some powerful hardware one can only dream of.

We proudly presented the Vega family across Radeon™ RX, Radeon Pro and Radeon Instinct, where we revealed the lineup of the highly anticipated Radeon RX Vega for today’s extreme gamers, Radeon Pro WX 9100 for limitless creation and professional workloads, and Radeon Pro SSG, the world’s first GPU to break the 2 terabyte memory barrier.

AMD’s Kevin Lensing, general manager of the Client Business Unit, also joined the stage to talk Ryzen™ Threadripper™ and showcased a CPU render only workflow against the competition (where Threadripper emerged the victor).

Esteemed partners also joined our presentation, including Epic Games‘ Tim Sweeney, Maxon‘s Paul Babb, RED Digital Cinema‘s Jarred Land, Baahubali director S.S. Rajamouli and Jellyfish Pictures’ Jeremy Smith, all speaking to the partnership between their technologies driven by our lineup of Vega-based graphics cards and initiative, AMD Studios.

Our CEO Dr. Lisa Su concluded the show with a look into the super system Project 47, a petaflop server rack powered by 80 Radeon Instinct MI25 accelerators and 20 EPYC SoCs:

We’re taking the latest in our Radeon Pro graphics technology to the SIGGRAPH exhibition floor. If you’re currently attending SIGGRAPH 2017, visit AMD’s booth (booth 301) to have a closer look at our solutions for professional workflows, content creation and more.

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