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AMD joined Time Inc. & VR Society to host innovative VR developers at VR in the Sky from June 12-14. The exhibit featured the latest high-end immersive experiences. The industry’s top leaders, including our very own VP of Alliances, Roy Taylor, attended the conference and shared their insight into the evolution of VR.

AMD presented ‘Lincoln in the Bardo’ and ‘In Utero’ VR experiences powered by our AMD Ryzen™ 7 1800X processor, along with the Radeon™ RX 580 graphics card.

Roy Taylor kicked off the event with a keynote presentation on the exciting future of VR. He discussed the current state of the industry and shared how where it is today is not indicative to the limitless possibilities VR has for the future. As he simply put it, this is just the beginning of all that is to come! In fact, we are currently operating on 8-10 teraflops and the end goal is 1000 teraflops in order for full presence. At the end of his talk, Roy announced some of the products and future innovations AMD has in store:

  • AMD and Nitero partnering to make wireless headsets
  •  Location-based VR locations AMD and Technicolor partnership in VR

Taylor brought up Nick Mitchell, VP of Immersive Technology at Technicolor, to speak about AMD and Technicolor’s partnership for the “In Utero” immsersive experience.

There were many fascinating panel speakers that talked about their company’s role in evolution of VR, what they are currently working on and the future products they plan on launching.

One project I was particularly interested in was Bravemind – a VR experience created for people who have some sort of Autism, PTSD, or pain management. It can also work with paraplegics so they themselves can learn and their doctors can see their neurons become awakened when they were previously dormant. VR’s emergence in the medical field is most beneficial to helping our world and Bravemind is a huge stride towards getting there.

I had the chance to speak to both the director and producer of Lincoln in the Bardo, Graham Sack and Bonnie Kathleen Ryan, about what they thought about “VR in the Sky”.  Graham stated that, “This event, along with the Sotheby’s event, have been remarkable in terms of bringing together the NY and Los Angeles communities. The New York community is generally more art and advertising focused, while the Los Angeles community is more studio focused. So, putting those communities together adds enormous value.”

He believed that the overall content that was displayed at this event and at Sotheby’s event was exceptionally high and the quality of the attendee’s was amazing. “The caliber of people here is tremendous, as these are clearly the decision makers of advertising,” he said. “We are very grateful to AMD to sponsor us.”

Graham really represented Lincoln in the Bardo to the tee by wearing some Abraham Lincoln socks.

Bonnie Kathleen Ryan also added that, “Both Time Inc.’s and the Sotheby’s event were extremely well curated. AMD did a great job sponsoring these two events back to back, where everyone can get together,” she said. “Sotheby’s almost served as the introduction where everyone got to know each other and Time Inc.’s event was a more intimate and private experience, which allowed everyone access to see content and hear different panel speakers.  It was like a VR camp with all the producers, content creators, and the tech side coming together.”

The VR medium is exciting and there are lots to come with brand new interfaces. As the VR industry continues to evolve, stay up to date with AMD and let us provide you with the finest chips powering high-end visuals to best make your mark in the VR world.

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