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The new Radeon ProRender Game Engine Importer enables CAD designers to create incredible interactive visualizations quickly and easily in Virtual Reality1 using SOLIDWORKS®, Radeon ProRender — AMD’s high-performance, physically-based rendering engine — and Unreal® Engine.

Real-time rendering engines like Unreal Engine are revolutionizing professional workflows — designers and engineers can now go beyond static visualizations of their creations and interact with their designs in virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR), accelerating design decisions.

One of the biggest challenges though for designers is easily importing their work from their CAD software into real-time engines with as few steps as possible. To help solve this, we’ve created the Radeon ProRender Game Engine Importer that lets you to easily import your geometry, materials, and lighting from SOLIDWORKS into Unreal Engine and view them in VR.1

Easily Import into Unreal Engine

The Radeon ProRender Game Engine Importer is available as a plug-in for Unreal Engine 4.17. With a single click from the Unreal editor, an object and scene rendered with the Radeon ProRender add-in for SOLIDWORKS can be imported into an Unreal Engine scene for inclusion in the creation of virtually any kind of interactive experience, including VR or AR visualization, or any other capability enabled by Unreal Engine.

The Radeon ProRender Game Engine Importer automatically translates the physically-correct Radeon ProRender materials (as assigned in the original SOLIDWORKS design phase of the object’s creation) into Unreal shaders. This saves the time-consuming step of having to reassign materials to every part or surface of the object in the Unreal editor.

Additional Useful Features

The Radeon ProRender Game Engine Importer has several other useful features, including:

  • The ability to maintain the part and assembly hierarchy from the SOLIDWORKS model, or combine every part of an imported object into a single Unreal actor.
  • The ability to automatically generate an Unreal Blueprint for an imported object, making it quick and easy to assign physics properties, add Interfaces, scale, transform and rotate, or modify other object definitions.
  • The option of converting Radeon ProRender lighting into Unreal lighting or just ignoring the Radeon ProRender lighting to default to the lighting in the Unreal scene.

Plug-in Available Now

You can download the free Radeon ProRender Game Engine Importer from the link below. The plug-in requires Unreal Engine 4.17, SOLIDWORKS 2016 and up, and the Radeon ProRender add-in for SOLIDWORKS. VR visualization is available on Unreal Engine compatible VR HMDs and requires a VR-capable GPU.

Get the Radeon™ ProRender Game Engine Importer plug-in for Unreal® Engine
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  1. VR visualization is available on Unreal® Engine compatible VR HMDs and requires a VR-capable GPU