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We’ve announced a powerful new solution with Adobe for demanding 4K, 6K and 8K video workflows that enables seamless editing of popular video formats, accelerating the production process while giving editors unprecedented control of their projects using high-resolution, uncompressed footage. The new version of Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC includes native support for Radeon™ Pro SSG graphics card, representing the most compelling solution for high-resolution video production, supporting 4K, 6K and 8K uncompressed footage with the most popular native camera formats, including ARRI AMIRA, Canon XF and RAW, Panasonic AVC and P2, REDCODE® RAW, and Sony XDCAM, XAVC, and RAW.


What is the problem editing 8K?

Dropped frames during playback and unresponsive scrubbing through the project timeline are common experiences while editing 8K footage. This is because video editing high resolution formats, such as 8K, is very CPU intensive. In this first video I’m trying to playback some 8K (8192×4320 24fps) Red clips with effects applied without the Radeon Pro SSG graphics card implementation.

Video 1: Dropped frames playing back unrendered 8K footage in Premiere Pro


Tech Tip: The on screen diagnostics can be toggled on/off in Premiere Pro with the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+F11


Smooth uncompressed 8K playback with Radeon Pro SSG Graphics

With the exact same 8K Red clips and effects applied, the uncompressed 8K footage rendered to the Radeon Pro SSG graphics card plays back smoothly without frame drops and scrubbing through the timeline is extremely responsive.

Video 2: Smooth playback and scrubbing of uncompressed 8K footage in Premiere Pro with Radeon Pro SSG


How does it work?

Let’s take a closer look at the native Radeon Pro SSG graphics implementation in Premiere Pro.

One of the main benefits to working with Raw REDCODE footage in Premiere Pro is the ability to adjust the RED Raw metadata (ISO, Color Correction, etc) in application and see the adjustments affect the footage in real time.

At this stage of the workflow typical users should be able to play back and edit smoothly using a 1/4 preview resolution. This setting downsamples the preview resolution to trade visual fidelity for playback performance. You can also apply accelerated effects such as fade transitions or Lumetri color adjustments to your timeline.

Video 3: Adjusting Red Raw Metadata and editing at 1/4 downscaled resolution


So far with our workflow we’ve been previewing our timeline at a downscaled 1/4 resolution. To preview the timeline in uncompressed 8K, render all or part of the timeline to the Radeon Pro SSG cache using the “Render In to Out” function. After the render is complete you can smoothly playback or scrub the uncompressed 8K footage.

Video 4: Rendering uncompressed 8K to SSG Cache; Smooth playback and scrubbing


Tech Tip: Rendered previews in the Radeon Pro SSG Cache will automatically playback at full 8K resolution. So even if you leave the preview resolution at 1/4, the rendered preview on the Radeon Pro SSG Cache will automatically override and playback at full uncompressed 8K quality)


So that’s a quick look at the new Radeon Pro SSG graphics implementation in Adobe Premiere Pro to accelerate your 8K video editing workflows. For more details on installing and setting up the Radeon Pro SSG graphics card in Premiere Pro for the first time, refer to our in-depth solution guide HERE


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