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Adobe® Premiere® Pro is a popular video editing application that is used by many people and organizations from professional studios, freelance artists, universities, to every-day users.  With Adobe® Premiere® Pro supporting OpenCL™ for Microsoft Windows® OS-based workstations, users have been able to harness the power of AMD Radeon™ Pro graphics to help speed up effects and apply edits on the fly.

In addition to the work we’ve been doing on optimizing performance with OpenCL, we have also been working alongside Adobe to implement a new innovative solution that makes 8K content creation easy within Adobe® Premiere® Pro.  With AMD’s SSG API code implemented directly into the latest release of Adobe® Premiere® Pro, professional graphics users can now take advantage of the Radeon™ Pro SSG graphics card’s unique features that makes 8K content creation a reality.

The Radeon Pro SSG graphics card empowers professionals to playback, manipulate, stitch and post-process uncompressed 8K content in Adobe Premiere Pro similar to how current solutions handle 4K content today. By augmenting existing Adobe Premiere Pro functionality, the Radeon Pro SSG architecture enables the caching of uncompressed video frames and displaying them with minimal impact on CPU utilization.

8K Video Playback and Smooth Scrubbing

Based on the “Vega” GPU architecture, the Radeon™ Pro SSG graphics card is a disruptive force in the professional graphics space offering 2TB of total onboard memory. With the Radeon™ Pro SSG graphics card, video playback performance can not only meet, but exceed, real-time performance requirements because of the card’s ability to process and present this same data at speeds that far exceed typical solid state mass storage. In addition, smooth scrubbing through uncompressed 8K content now becomes possible as the user has almost instant access to any position in the video stream.

High Performance in Video Editing with Open Standards

Adobe® Premiere® Pro’s Mercury Playback Engine is designed for demanding modern editing jobs. By harnessing the power of the Radeon Pro SSG graphics card, you can edit footage seamlessly, apply color corrections through OpenCL GPU acceleration, add effects on the fly and see the results in real time. The Radeon Pro SSG graphics card accelerates your professional workflow through every stage of the Adobe® Premiere® Pro pipeline.


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