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The 2017 International Conference & Exhibition on Visual Entertainment (ICEVE), was organized by Beijing Film Academy and China Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. The aim of this conference was to build a bridge between film professionals and advanced film technology.

Over 2,000 global leading compute vision scientists, artists, and film industry professionals attended.  AMD Studios’ Head of Film Technology, Dominick Spina, delivered the keynote address on VR Film experiences and Post Production. (Dominick Spina ICEVE 2017 Keynote Address, International Conference & Exhibition on Visual Entertainment. 2017. AMD, Beijing.)

Nick Pandler,  Director of Marketing & Development for Radeon Pro Graphics, also participated in a panel discussion on “Virtual Reality Content Production.” AMD awarded Ryzen and Radeon Vega hardware to the VR Animation Film “The Dream Collector.” This VR experience was a finalist at the  Venice Film festival this year as well. At the conference, AMD presented VR awards to content creators, launched a Cross Technology Center at the Beijing Film Academy, and presented Threadripper and Vega products at an AMD booth.


Beijing Film Academy’s  Advanced Innovation Center for Future Visual Entertainment will house the new Cross Technology Center. The key goals of the center are to reduce interdisciplinary technical difficulties and build bridges between industry and academia through more academic research.The center will also build an industrial think tank to address the growing demands for industry specialists to further the industry’s development. AMD Studios is excited to be working closely with the Beijing Film Academy to launch this center and in other avenues as they continue to be a leader in this industry. (AMD, Bejing Film University Lab photos. 2017. AMD, Beijing.)

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