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Today’s creators rely on graphics technology to meet the demands of complex workloads. Whether your workflow consists of design visualization, animation or game development, your workstation should be optimized and tailored to deliver the best possible performance. Here are our tips to improve your workstation experience.

Optimize Your Workstation

Regular maintenance can help your workstation reach its true potential. There are various steps you can take to tune your workstation for free and improve performance.

  • Uninstall Unnecessary Applications to free up memory and reduce startup sequences
  • Turn off Unwanted Startup Apps to save resources every time the machine boots up.
  • Reboot Regularly to clear up valuable resources, helping ensure you have all your memory available for new applications.
  • Install the Latest Graphics Driver for performance improvements in 3D applications.
  • Spring Clean Your Machine to remove dust clogging up fans to maintain performance and prevent overheating.

Upgrade to Professional Graphics

Upgrading to a professional graphics card can help boost 3D performance with increasingly more complex workloads. Radeon Pro graphics cards offer benefits for professional users such as three year limited warranty and optional seven year extended limited warranty for Radeon Pro WX series cards, application certification, extended lifecycles and an exceptional level of customer support.

The Radeon Pro WX 9100 and Radeon Pro SSG are the newest additions to the Radeon Pro family, designed to tackle the most demanding workflows.


Discover the Radeon Pro wX 9100 Discover the Radeon Pro SSG

Learn about Radeon Pro WX


Tailor your Workstation to a Specific Workflow

Hardware requirements for design visualization software are very different to those for 3D CAD. Ensure your workstation is suited for the software that dominates your workflow. By optimizing your workstation, upgrading your components and tailoring your system to your workflow, your workstation will deliver the performance you need for every stage in the pipeline.

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