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A New Initiative Dedicated to Advancing Film, Television, VR and AR by Eliminating Barriers to Creativity

At tonight’s Capsaicin event, the must-attend event of SIGGRAPH for the second year in a row, AMD astounded professional content creators with the latest breakthroughs in processing technology that are helping to advance their craft. Starting today however, the entertainment industry won’t have to wait for Capsaicin to see how technology can benefit them. AMD has a new all-star technology solutions team designed to do exactly that year-round.

Introducing AMD Studios, a new initiative of AMD based in Hollywood, California that’s focused on delivering end to end processing solutions to enable customized media and entertainment workflows, including editing, rendering, creating and machine learning.

AMD is unique in the technology space, offering a full portfolio of high-performance hardware and software needed to advance the science of entertainment, delivering powerful, synergistic and forward-looking GPU and CPU solutions,. AMD Ryzen™, EPYC™, and Threadripper™ processors deliver astounding performance, and combined with the launch of the “Vega” architecture-based Radeon™ WX 9100 professional graphics card, and the Radeon™ Pro SSG, AMD is introducing advanced technology never before seen in the professional space that reduce or eliminate traditional content creation barriers, empowering studios to better realize their visions.

AMD Studios leverages super high-fidelity rendering, pre-visualization, virtual production and new post-production technologies to pursue the goal of a single end-to-end digital pipeline, easing production time and effort, while solving some of the world’s most challenging technical hurdles, like real time 8K video editing across platforms, or 8K VR playback.

AMD Studios pairs this advanced hardware portfolio with long-standing relationships with leaders in content creation software, and leverages open standards-based technologies to fuel powerful, cost-effective solutions such as the powerful physically-based renderer, Radeon™ ProRender, and a wide range of tools and technologies for content creation available through

AMD Studios has a long pedigree in the entertainment industry, and is staffed by tech visionaries, distinguished engineers, prolific content creators, and industry pioneers with credits in many of the biggest blockbuster movies in recent years. Stay tuned to see how AMD Studios is helping change the world of entertainment workflows for the better.


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  • Kris Wilson

    I am interested in an AR display of my Air Combat Training Data used by US Air Force and US Navy and Coalition Forces pilots in Advanced Air Combat techniques. This is done in After Action Review sessions (hopefully in Augmented Realty) replay of their live training mission.

  • ModernMan

    To truly experience the -greatness- of a modern computer, like an AMD, man needs modern software, and modern software needs modern man. Truthfully, entertainment software can be taken to whole new experiences of fun, beyond that of the golden ages of Atari / Commodore, and even beyond -the video game- iteself! I have seen these generations, and I have seen these bounds, and I see great things on the ryze.

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