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This week I’m at Citrix Synergy in Anaheim, California (home of Disneyland for VDI nerds like me) and having a great time. I’ve seen some really interesting technology but most of all it’s been a fantastic opportunity to catch up with customers and partners increasingly using GPUs and our AMD offerings. I’d highly recommend first timers take a look at Citrix CTP, Neil Spellings’ “Ultimate Synergy Guide”.

We’ve supported XenApp GPU sharing for a long while but with our S7150x2 and S7150 Radeon Pro products we are now offering VDI GPU sharing via our MxGPU technology.

It’s particularly interesting to see customers using our products throughout their infrastructure, CPUs and GPUs both in the servers but also the end-clients and particularly thin-clients.

This year we’ve partnered with HP so you can find us in booth #311 at Synergy, where we are showcasing graphical application such as Solidworks, Autodesk Revit and AutoCad on HP thin-clients optimized for Citrix deployments with AMD APUs. In addition, come see the latest MT44 Mobile Thin Client , built with AMD Ryzen™ processors. This has been very insightful because I’m getting to talk to VDI and thin-client users yet to adopt GPUs. Many customers are finding the demands of high-resolution monitors, weightier OSs such as Windows 10, browsers designed to have a GPU available and increasingly mobile users mean a GPU is no longer optional in their VDI infrastructure.

In the HP booth you can see our XenDesktop and XenApp MxGPU Cloud Demos, hosted by IMSCAD in the Eastern US, and discuss not just the GPU provision but how this balances with network, storage, memory and CPU usage. Attend the HP daily in-booth presentations for a chance to win an HP Sprocket and meet with experts to learn how HP, with our technology, is reinventing your world.  One HP Sprocket will be given away at each presentation.

Server GPUs can provide the power to deliver a really good experience to thin-clients, and my colleague David Rooney, will be talking in the IGEL theatre on May 10th, 1-130 pm, full details here.

In addition, Cisco’s Mike Brennan (PM for Virtual Client Computing and Graphics) and James Hsu will highlight joint solutions for GPU-enabled Cloud instances in the Cisco theater on May 8 at 2:30pm.

We work very closely with Citrix Product Managers to develop integrated technologies for Citrix Receiver, HDX, MxGPU and XenServer. I’d recommend catching their sessions if you want deep insight into how things work or have ideas for future developments! In particular:

  • SYN810: Match.Geek with David Cottingham, Citrix XenServer Product Manager on Wednesday afternoon (9th May). We have worked for years with David and his team on joint engineering to enable GPU sharing on XenServer for XenApp and XenDesktop.
  • SYN206: User experience with HDX: flying high through any cloud – Roberto Moreno and Allen Furmanski, and Fernando Klurfan (May 8th). This team owns Citrix’s HDX/ICA technologies and protocols and as such has a deep understanding of the protocols and how they leverage our GPUs.
  • SYN133: End user workspace experience with Citrix Receiver, today & future – Vipin Borkar (May 10th). Vipin has owned most of the Citrix Receiver products at some point and has an incredible knowledge of the role of GPUs with thin-clients, AR/VR applications, mobile (phones and tablets) end-points using Android.

Of course being Synergy the Citrix CTPs are out in force and it’s great to catch up with so many who have been shaping our Cloud and VDI GPU technologies, I’m sure I’ve missed a few but Tobias Kreidl, Thomas Poppelgaard, Benny Tritsch are all around and eager to talk graphics and cloud.

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