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This year’s NAB Show was a grand success with over 103,000 attendees. The event was backed with over 1,700 exhibitors showcasing the latest technology in media and entertainment. AMD announced its new Radeon™ Pro Duo graphics card at the event and showcased Radeon™ Loom in action. With AMD’s booth resting at the mouth of a large clearing, many attendees were able to witness the new professional graphics card and 360-degree video stitching solution.

One of the impressive demos involved Radeon Loom and the Radeon Pro Duo running 360-degree video stitching in real-time. It demonstrated the power of the Radeon Pro Duo, with one of the GPUs running the real-time stitching from a seven-camera custom built rig, and the second GPU running the unique spherical display showing the stitched output.

AMD also presented and ran demos in the StudioXperience booth in partnership with HP and Avid Connect. Mike Schmit, Director of Software Engineering, held presentations on Radeon Loom. Andrew Schwartz from Radiant Images extolled the benefits of Radeon Loom in another session.

Radeon Loom was also in action in our partner booths. In collaboration with Visbit, “the first all-in-one VR streaming service”, AMD livestreamed 5K stitched video to the cloud, which was broadcasted to mobile devices in Visbit’s booth. It was believed to be the first time a 360 video had been stitched and streamed live in anything greater than 4K resolution.

Z CAM, maker of the compact S1 VR camera, showed that live stitching with their Z CAM WonderLive software was made possible by Radeon Loom, which was running on an AMD FirePro™ W9100. The quality of the camera combined with the performance of Radeon Loom and AMD graphics made it a very impressive demo. 360Rize, specializing in 360 video camera systems, demoed its software editor and livecast solution powered by Radeon Loom at its booth.

360 video stitching and livestreaming are gaining a lot of traction, especially as more film producers and independent film makers turn to technology to tell more immersive stories. There was a whole section of the NAB Show floor dedicated to 360 video stitching companies, who presented their latest offerings and solutions. The competition is intense, but Radeon Loom combined with the power of Radeon Pro graphics enables a new breed of 360-degree video filmmakers to create the amazing cinematic VR experiences of tomorrow.

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