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FMX refers to itself as Europe’s most influential conference dedicated to digital arts, technologies and business. As an FMX first timer I can say without a doubt that this dedication is seen and appreciated throughout the walls in which the conference resides. (Hopefully you noticed our banners outside, and that we were a main sponsor, continuing our support for the community.)

With a much lighter and relaxed approach, not typically seen at media conferences, FMX has a great atmosphere and encourages everyone to talk, share and excite likeminded people interested in animation, VFX, VR, games and transmedia.

As a pioneer of ground-breaking technology Radeon™ Pro had a great position at FMX to interact with the audience and showcase a range of professional graphics solutions which included a Radeon™ Pro SSG technology preview and the recently launched Radeon™ Pro Duo. AMD also welcomed software partners to the booth to show sneak previews of the latest software previews from Maxon, Foundry as well as Radeon™ ProRender in Blender.

Maxon C4D – with native Radeon ProRender.

For the lucky C4D users who attended FMX and visited the AMD booth, they were the first to see the beta of MAXON Cinema 4D release 19 which features native Radeon ProRender. In fact this is one of the first times Maxon has publicly shown a pre-release of C4D. After 12 months development, integration and testing by a dedicated development team at Maxon, the Radeon ProRender is ready and the results are fantastic! This powerful GPU-renderer is OpenCL™ based and supports multi-GPU acceleration.

Recorded at FMX, watch Radeon ProRender rendering 30 iterations with a single GPU and once again with dual GPUs with impressive performance results. This experience was powered by 32GB of Radeon Pro Duo speed.

ProRender even allows effects like caustics to be viewed within the viewport, in near-realtime for critical and rapid design decisions.

The Foundry, Nuke beta

The Foundry team played a big part in the AMD booth showcasing the latest beta of Nuke. This version is built using OpenCL and supports multi-GPU as a result. Powered by dual Radeon™ Pro WX 7100 graphics, the Nuke workflow really flew during FMX.

An example of this was using the primary GPU for in product, day to day workflow tasks, such as manipulating the project, whilst the second GPU could be allocated to a specific node, for instance heavy computational tasks like multi-sampled vector blurs. The second GPU allows users to carry on working without any down time for specific compute tasks.

Blender, ProRender add-in

During FMX, we also showed some amazing work and content from different studios using Radeon Pro graphics solutions to bring ideas to life. We are pleased to continue our support of open source tools for the 3D community.

An example was a recent project completed by Theory Studios in Blender using ProRender. This highlighted the rendering speed and quality that is possible with a GPU renderer, using OpenCL. Watch this space for more on this subject, especially as we are expanding ProRender to support other tools.

National Film and Television school (NFTS) have teamed with AMD to bring powerful, professional technology to the creative minds of their students and graduates. At FMX we showcased one particular VR experience “3 minutes to midnight” which delivered a unique story made real with Virtual Reality (VR).

Powered by Radeon Pro WX7100 graphics cards, the latest VR experience from Rewind is Ghost in the Shell. Utilising Unreal Engine 4, the immersive and powerful experience was a highlight throughout our time at FMX, and you can download it today on the Oculus Rift store to experience it for yourself.

Rewind are currently recruiting.

The team at Bluezoo, one of London’s leading animation houses, carefully crafted some unique and futuristic 3D content for us to show the performance of a Radeon Pro SSG technology preview. The team produced 100’s of cameras with over four thousand frames of both 4k and 8k HDR imagery to be used in an interactive lightfield player. This GPU rendered Maya content was passed to Nuke for polishing, before being loaded onto the SSG. Whilst only a technology preview it gained interest from anyone who has 8k imagery or real-time content at the forefront of their upcoming workflows.

Bluezoo are currently recruiting.

Thanks to everyone we met at FMX, both technology partners and customers alike. For those of you who left us your contact info, we will be in touch soon with all the info you requested.

For more information on Radeon Pro graphics, please visit and follow us on Twitter.


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    Will ProRender have editing materials by nodes in Cinema 4D, as has the version in Blender?

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