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Professional VR content creation is one of the design industry’s major inflection points and is becoming more commonplace in today’s workflows.  From small design shops to big Hollywood studios, the Radeon™ Pro Duo professional graphics card gives professionals the power they need to design, render and simulate in real-time with today’s increasingly complex workloads. We’ve already seen positive feedback from the industry.  Jonathan Winbush, Founder and Creative Director of, recently had the chance to test out the new Radeon Pro Duo vs. a comparable single GPU, the Radeon Pro WX 7100. Here is what he said:

“In developing 4K 360 VR content, the biggest hurdle is the tech, because as an artist, I just want to create and not worry about limitations of the hardware.  With the new Radeon Pro Duo, I immediately saw a speed difference of up to 2X, allowing me to push the boundaries of my projects without having to compromise on creativity or productivity.”1

The Radeon Pro Duo doesn’t stop at professional VR design. Other applications and plugins also support multi-GPU acceleration, where users will find rendering times significantly improved with the Radeon ProRender plugin that is supported across many applications like Autodesk® Maya®, and SOLIDWORKS.

You may be thinking, that’s great news – but what about applications that don’t support multi-GPU acceleration? We recognize that not all applications will support multi-GPU acceleration.  In these cases, users will still benefit with the Radeon Pro Duo. Designers are often striving for the most photo-realistic designs possible, and those who work on these projects usually alternate between doing design on one application, followed by a full render/ray trace cycle on another application, which can be time consuming and inefficient.

With the Radeon Pro Duo, designers can now simultaneously use two software packages, with one GPU dedicated to the functions of each application concurrently.  Live content creation using the first GPU, with real-time rendering and/or ray tracing on the second GPU is now possible.  The user can benefit from shortened design cycles or is now able to do more design iterations within the allotted design window for an overall better outcome.

With certifications on some of today’s popular design applications, a 2-year limited warranty and 24/7 technical support, the Radeon Pro Duo is a great choice for your professional design needs. Unleash your creativity and create without constraint.

Radeon Pro Duo product page.

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  • Cody

    I have the Radeon Pro Duo and I would like to know more about what it’s capable of doing. I don’t know much about the rofessipnal things it can do and would like to learn more. Is there anyone or any website that can tell me more about the things I can do with my card? I really love my card for gaming and want to use more of its features to do more creation stuff.


  • Zydrunas

    Wow, one day then I will be film video producer I buy this card so amazing that you let people get best graphic for video making or rendering performance thank you.

  • ETHMiner

    How much mining speed this card can get? 50MH?

  • Chris H

    The specs of the card include the popular Polaris 10 core- 2 of them, on a small (relatively) board with a blower style cooler. I’m interested in the power delivery though; the chips don’t sip that much power anyways, but the 32gb of VRAM surely does, which is why I’m surprised at the 6+8 pin config. Is it safe to say that this is the most energy efficient dual GPU solution on the market today?

  • Daniel Watkins (danwat1234)

    How many Folding@home work units can it compute a day? How many Teraflops with general computing?
    Might as well wait for Vega.

  • Peter Everett

    What about the old radion pro duo? Was that not for profecionals?

  • Ralph

    Will it run Overwatch? & does it come in green?


    PS. Please don’t give it to Linus…

  • Ltt fan


  • Utomo

    Please also support sketchup pro render
    It is famous now.

    • Curious dude

      That part is handled by the sketchup pro render devs. Software is supposed to support the hardware. Not the other way around

  • Akshat

    Looks amazing but i think that they should have changed its name to avid confusion with the older pro duo card.

  • Jeffery Davis

    What’s the price?

  • David Lee

    If I get three of these, can I do six-way CrossFireX?

  • Carl Borsing

    How does this compare to the Fire-Pro W7100 in regards to 4K video rendering OFX and related tasks. Our workstation is the HP Z640, 2x XEON 6Core CPU’s, 2x 1TB SSD’s, 48GB ECC-RAM running Windows 10 (64bit)?

    Sincerely, Carl Borsing,

  • Orlando Morales

    where I can buy it? or It’s not released yet?

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